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sally dick and jane books

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Published by Chicago Scott Foresman Seller Rating:. About this Item: Chicago Scott Foresman First day at school, the big umbrella, Sally helps, the snow party. For home schoolers, this contains the guidebook for Our New Friends at the front of the book.
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Our Big Book: Dick & Jane

Dick and Jane Reading Collection, 12 Volume Set

New York: Penguin. Once we can re-create in our own minds a story someone else wrote down at another time in another place, we can begin to control the information we take in. And yet our experience is limited at the time most of us learn; it's presumed we're fragile, and ignorant about meaning and nuance, and this is probably why the people who write the texts from which we learn make them so bland. For example, these were among the first sentences many Americans who entered first grade between and were required to read in school: '' 'Help, help,' said Dick. In the above sample ''See Spot run'' was the key sentence, referring as it did to a moment when Spot appeared to be misbehaving. No one but Spot ever misbehaved in Dick and Jane's cute, white, well-dressed, middle-American family.

Dick and Jane books were the predominant readers in public schools from the s through the early s. The books were created by educator Williams S. To understand the phenomenon of Dick and Jane, it is helpful to have a little background on the books that preceded the series. In the early 19th century, schoolhouses were not well-supplied with books of any kind, so students were asked to bring a book from home. Few families owned many books, so the most common one children brought was a Bible. The early one-room schoolhouses made it impossible for children to be separated by age or ability, so teachers did their best to provide students with skills that could be used regardless of the book they had in front of them.


These books taught a couple generations how to read, crafted dreams of gentle suburban bliss, and in the process became immediately recognizable cultural icons. When people get all excited about the Dick and Jane series, you know it's nostalgia and long-lost memories they're after. While these books also chronicle an era, I'll bet most customers want them for memories of the little light bulb that clicked as they learned to read with Dick, Jane, Sally, and Spot. Aside from the educational nostalgia, these primers reflect a society now past and are as remarkable for this depiction as for their influence on American education. All of the original primers are out of print, although there have been some facsimilie editions printed. Their various authors include Elson-Gray, William S. Gray, and Helen M.

Gray and May Hill Arbuthnot. Chicago et al: Scott, Foresman and Co. Dick and Jane stories plus many others by a variety of authors. Illustrated in color on every page. Chicago: Scott Foresman

Once a beloved teaching tool, Dick and Jane was later denounced as dull, counterproductive, and even misogynistic. A former teacher from Laporte, Ind. Gray with an idea that would change the face of American literacy. So Sharp proposed a collection of short stories that would each introduce a handful of new words. And—critically—these characters would appear in simple illustrations designed to help connect a given word with its definition. Gray loved the concept. Gray co-authored Pre-Primer with William H.


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    Dick and Jane refers to the two main characters, "Dick" and "Jane", created by Zerna Sharp for a series of basal readers that William S.

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