The difference between movies and books

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the difference between movies and books

32 Differences Between Books and their Movies |

It Chapter Two is finally in theaters, concluding the saga of the Losers Club and their year quest to defeat the monster calling himself Pennywise the Clown once and for all. It was a smash success, both with audiences and at the box office, despite its frequent deviations from Stephen King's original novel. While director Andy Muschietti stayed largely true to the characters, themes, and overall feel of King's book, he took a number of creative liberties in translating them to screen — most notably in his decision to film the entire first film from just the kids' points of view, without even glimpsing the adult characters. In the book, both narratives are braided so tightly together, it's almost hard to tell where one ends and the other begins, but the films are divided neatly into one focused on the kids and the other on the adults. However, if you've read King's novel, you know that changing up the structure of the story is far from the only change that was made in adapting the dark, decades-long tale for the big screen. Whether you're a big fan of the book or are simply curious about the events of the novel after seeing the movie, you've come to the right place. Keep reading to see some of the most notable differences between the book and It Chapter Two.
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Stephen King's IT: 10 Book to Movie Differences

Mortal Engines: differences between the book and the film

The It franchise is a strange beast. The novel has over a thousand pages, the '90s miniseries has a runtime of over 3 hours, and the modern movies have broken up a once interwoven story into two different parts. Naturally, there are going to be some pretty major differences between them, from the way Pennywise itself works to the motivation the Losers are given to finally beat the monster once and for all. Of course, it'd be totally impossible to catalog out every minor change or adjustment made between the three versions of the story, but now that the modern saga is complete and It Chapter 2 is finally here, we decided to lay each version of the story out next to one another and see just where the major differences are. We stuck with the big ones--things that actually, in one way or another, affect significant parts of the plot.

It is requested that this article, or a section of this article, should be expanded. Please help the Harry Potter Wiki by expanding this article to give more complete coverage of its subject. Below are a list of changes made to the stories of the Harry Potter books when they were adapted into feature films. Peeves , as depicted in concept art for the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Some notable differences exist between key cast members of the film, compared to the way their characters are described in the books:. The Blu-Ray edition of Philosopher's Stone includes commentary from director Chris Columbus that reveals that the final scene of the film -- where Harry, Hermione and Ron depart on the Hogwarts Express -- was the first scene shot.

We break it down.

Top 10 Biggest Differences Between Stephen King Books and Movies

Any work of the scale of Peter Jackson 's The Lord of the Rings movie screenplay was going to exhibit differences from the source material. While the three movies had a large number of minor and trivial differences from the book, there were quite a few substantial differences as well. These major differences take two forms—1. Some such changes include the changing of almost all the characters and changing events to reach the same outcome as the book. The director and writers of the motion pictures faced some significant challenges in bringing Tolkien's work to the big screen. Not the least of these was the enormous scale of the story. The Lord of the Rings is a very lengthy story that was, itself, derived from a fictional universe of prodigious dimensions.


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