Swami and friends book review

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swami and friends book review

Book Review: Swami And Friends by R K Narayan

Title : Swami and Friends. Author : R K Narayan. Pages : Pages. Price : INR The relevance of Swami and Friends in the history of Indian literature stands in synonymous with the position of R K Narayan. The first novel of the literary genius provides the backdrop for all his later works by introducing the world of Malgudi to the readers.
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#EnglishForLearners : swami and friends [ Book Review By ngapalau.comn ] Malgudi Days मालगुडी डेज

pinkbookworm: 'This is one Indian novel, that isn't just about snake charmers and tigers, and is one of the world's best English novels by an.

Swami and Friends

S wami is used to a simple life, and just when he had it under control, new things start to happen for him. He has to prepare for exams, cope with his new baby brother, and his new high school certainly hasn't gotten of to a very good start. Life starts to get very overwhelming, and Swami might just have to run away. This is one Indian novel, that isn't just about snake charmers and tigers, and is one of the world's best English novels by an Indian author. Swami and Friends is the second book in the Malgudi Schooldays series. RK Narayan has woven together, all from the depths of his own imagination, the magical village of Malgudi in India. But the best thing is, you don't have to have read the first book to understand this one.

About the author: RK Narayan was an Indian author whose works of fiction include a series of books about people and their interactions in an imagined town in India called Malgudi. He is one of three leading figures of early Indian literature in English. It depicts a very nice scene, when the three boys become fast friends. If you look at international literature, the likes of Pride and Prejudice, or Journey to the Centre of the Earth, Great Expectations… these are the books that come to mind. There are few books that bring back the innocence of childhood to our mind. Swami and Friends is just such a book. From the start, which speaks of Swaminathan Swami despising Monday mornings, to doing whatever needs be to get what he needs, the book has these scenes we can easily relate with from our own childhood.

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Just looking at the cover art and reading the title transported me back to my childhood days. But when it comes to books I read all genres without bias most of the time. The story follows the adventures and misadventures of a ten-year old boy Swami and some of his friends, in and out of the school. Just like almost all the kids, Swami loves to play all day, even in scorching heat and hates to go to school. Swami has some friends from his school. But their groups begin to break when a new boy Rajam enrolls in their school.

The Ohio State University. It takes place in British-colonial India in the year Swami talks about how different all of his friends are from one another and how their differences actually make their friendships stronger. Soon, however, a new boy arrives, named Rajam who Swami and Mani absolutely hate. After a lot of convincing, the other three boys accept Rajam too and the six boys are temporarily at peace. Later, a prominent Indian politician is arrested and Swami joins a mob of protesters.



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