Royal and select masters ritual book

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royal and select masters ritual book

Ritual | Grand Council of Royal and Select Master of Iowa

They are collectively known as Cryptic Masonry from their relationship to a secret vault. The other three degrees are merely opened and closed to confer that particular degree. The degree of Select Master is held in the vault under the Temple into which the secrets are deposited. It tells of how a well known mason employed by King Solomon intrudes into the vault where the three Grand Masters are meeting and it illustrates the consequence of the intrusion. The Royal Master degree is set just prior to the completion of the first Temple and refers to the completed vessels for the Holy Temple and contains an unforgettable Masonic experience, spoken by a Companion representing Hiram Abif. The Most Excellent Master degree concerns the completion of the first temple and the installation of the Ark of the Covenant.
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Royal and Select Master

Grand Council of the Order of Royal and Select Masters Ceremony of Installation Ritual No. 2

At this time the constituent degrees could be taken in any sequence. The Super Excellent Master degree is optional in some jurisdictions. The various positions in the lodge are modelled directly after Craft Masonry and though the names are often different the duties are largely the same. The Cryptic degrees are centred on stories involving a vault or crypt where certain treasures were hidden beneath King Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem for very specific purposes. In , a move to introduce the Cryptic Rite into England roused the interest of the fraternity including many influential masons who had encountered the Rite either in USA or in Scotland. Hence in order to introduce the rite into England, it was necessary to apply to two sovereign bodies for dispensations.

Thrice Illustrious Master T. Illustrious Deputy Master D. Illustrious Principal Conductor of the Work P. Chaplain 5. Treasurer 6.

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    Ritual for Select Master. They wear robes as in the Royal Arch, with the Collars of their respective offices over their robes. T.I.M.: Companion Captain of the Guard, are you a Select Master? .. of the pot of manna and Aaron's rod, also a true copy of the Book of the Law, or all writings of the Bible up to that period.

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    Royal and Select Masters Ritual No. 2 | Online Masonic Regalia

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