Kami garcia and margaret stohl book list in order

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kami garcia and margaret stohl book list in order

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It comprises four novels that were published between and , and in was followed by a second series set in the same universe, Dangerous Creatures. The series differs from other young adult fiction in that the books are told from the viewpoint of the teenage boy Ethan, whereas other works are traditionally narrated by or center upon a female protagonist. The series follows Ethan Wate, a year-old boy that dreams of leaving his small South Carolina town for something larger. At the start of the series he falls in love with Lena Duchannes, a new girl that is part of a secret section of humanity called Casters, people who are capable of working magic. They find that there are several obstacles to their love, most notably the social and cultural differences between their two societies and the fact that Ethan is incapable of touching Lena for extended periods of time without suffering a severe electric shock. Throughout the series Lena is troubled by the fact that she must claim herself as either a Light or Dark Caster on her sixteenth birthday and in the first novel she manages to perform a spell that prevents her from having to make this choice. However, in the process Ethan is mortally wounded and Lena is forced to perform another spell to bring him back to life, which causes her to distance herself from him out of fear that he will be further harmed.
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Kami Garcia; Margaret Stohl

Since she was small, Kami was a superstitious girl who grew up in Washington, DC area. She was quite a peculiar person, believing in things that normal people do not. Since her birth in March 25th , she grew up with a passion for writing and spent most of her childhood writing poetry in spiral notebooks. Other than writing, Kami enjoys listening to soundgarden, watching disaster movies and drinking diet coke. She studied to the university level and attained an MA in Education and since then has been teaching children in Washington and later in Los Angeles where she was a reading specialists and a teacher too. The success achieved by this book is quite immense. It has been published in 50 countries and translated into 39 languages.

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    Kami Garcia is a renowned author of science fiction, children's fantasy and with Margaret Stohl, Kami Garcia has written the Caster Chronicles books series.

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