E books and paper books

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e books and paper books

Books vs E-Books: Pros and Cons - Pick My Reader

Slip your Kindle in your bag and you can have thousands of books on tap. Clearly, traditional books are more tactile in nature. They have a heft in the hand that feels entirely different from holding an e-reader. Books are not just vehicles for accessing information, but they are also decorative objects. Being around your favorite volumes invites you to just grab them and browse.
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BookWars: E-books vs. Printed Books - Infographic Video

Ebooks vs Printed books: 7 reasons one is better than other

With the advance of phones, tablets, and ereaders, ebooks have become a popular reading standard. Still, there's something about the feel of an old-fashioned paper book. We asked you which one is better and why, and here are some of the best arguments we heard. There were a lot of great responses so let's see where you landed. Ebooks can be read practically anywhere on anything, and MyklFuman points out how easy it is to have your library at hand for whenever there's some waiting to do:. I have a large screen phone Galaxy S3 so I then always have my books with me.

When one mentions books, particularly book formats, there are two camps for book lovers either you an eBook person or you prefer paper books. Usually, I will let you have your option and just stay quiet but since this is the environmental month. I decided to weigh in and give my 10c worth. Paper is easy, you go to your favourite bookstore, extra brownie points if you go to a second-hand bookstore or a library. Get the book you want and immediately start reading it on the taxi on the way home.

According to a news report from , India is the sixth largest book market across the globe and is also the second largest among English speaking countries. About a year prior to the publication of this report, estimates suggested that there were about 19, publishing houses in our country. One of the biggest problems that the introduction of e-books solved is that of storage. One of the greatest woes of a voracious reader is that of storage space. Then came in digital readers such as the Kindle and a little device, hardly larger than a thin book came to hold thousands of books!

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The cons of paper:

While everything around us is getting the switch to the digital, the question of ebooks vs printed books is in constant debate. Sometimes it becomes difficult to decide between the ebooks and printed books. A couple of years back, I bought a kindle basic to try ebooks. So, in this article, I refer to amazon kindle as an ebook reader. There are a lot of pros and cons on both sides.

A few years ago, after four-plus decades of reading print books, and several years after Amazon launched the ebook revolution, I finally took the plunge and downloaded the Kindle app for my iPhone and started buying and reading ebooks. I quickly became hooked on the convenience of being able to pull my iPhone out of my pocket, purchase an ebook with the tap of my finger, and, within seconds, start reading it. My shift to ebooks helped me save real money--and not just from the much cheaper price of the ebook compared to the print edition. Buying ebooks instantly chops off the 50 percent surcharge that Amazon slaps on my credit card to cover the cost of shipping physical books thousands of miles from the US to Taiwan, where I live. But as much as I've come to enjoy the convenience of ebooks, and while I will continue to buy them, digital books just don't deliver the same sort of visual and tactile satisfaction I get from reading physical books. I don't think I'm alone in feeling this way, either, especially if you look at the shift in sales of ebooks versus print books. It will be interesting to see if this represents a one-time phenomenon, or if it's the beginning of a trend.


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    While print books aren't going away anytime soon, there are many situations in which eBooks provide an advantage over traditional paper.

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