History of palestine and israel book

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history of palestine and israel book

The Wrong Story: Palestine, Israel, and the Media by Greg Shupak | OR Books

We felt it was a better translation of it. Ian Black opens his excellent new history of the Israel-Palestine conflict, Enemies and Neighbours , with a note on terminology titled Language Matters. Words matter. They are the building blocks of the contradicting narratives each side has continued telling themselves, and the world. A veteran reporter and former Guardian Middle East editor, Black spent decades immersed in both Israeli and Palestinian societies, fluently speaking their languages.
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Conflict in Israel and Palestine: Crash Course World History 223

The first book of its kind. The Israel-Palestine Conflict: One Hundred Years Of War . Her books include A History of Islam and The Jews in Modern Egypt.

Empty Book on Palestinian History Becomes Instant Best-seller on Amazon

There is a great proliferation of literature written about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Much of it is valuable, insightful, thought-provoking and eye-opening, whatever perspective you approach this issue from. Plenty of it is… not. But the same could be said for any important contemporary issue and as always its important to have an insight into what is worth reading - on the history, culture, contemporary situation and perhaps what the future might hold. But they are books that have had an emotional impact, and helped us better grasp the context in which we work.

Both events provoked consternation and scorn from many countries, and offer the latest twists in the Israeli-Palestinian saga: two peoples on an everlasting — and seemingly irreconcilable — path to peace. Israel and Palestine: The Complete History seeks to explain the overall story of Israeli and Palestinian tensions and divisions in the region. Indeed, without properly understanding the full history of the area, it is impossible to understand the current situation. In this book, author Ian Carroll takes the reader back to the very beginning of the conflict some 4, years ago, then moves through the major events of the Middle Ages and 20 th century, and brings us right up to the present day, documenting the significant events that have happened along the way. The reader is allowed to make up their own mind as to where praise and condemnation belong with this complicated issue. From Exodus to the birth of Jesus, from Islam to the Crusades, through the Diaspora and up to the recreation of the modern state of Israel and beyond, Israel and Palestine: The Complete History avoids a dry academic approach.

Struck by how different the standard Israeli and Palestinian textbook histories of the same "Side by Side" is a reasonable but far less in depth history book.
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Conflicting or irreconcilable narratives mean that works which tell the story of, and from, both sides, are rare. Here are ten others which in different ways and at different times have made a significant contribution to illuminating this unending story. Storrs was the first British military governor of Jerusalem after the Ottoman surrender in December His memoir is elegantly if pretentiously written. Storrs was in Palestine at the time of the Balfour Declaration and in the early Mandate years.

Make Your Own List. The author and political blogger chooses five books on the Israel-Palestine conflict and compares the Palestinians to the Jews in diaspora: as the land disappears under their feet, their identity grows stronger. Author and political blogger Robin Yassin-Kassab argues that Palestinians have a strange stateless existence very like the Jews had in the past. As the land disappears from under their feet, their identity as a nation paradoxically grows stronger. This is very important because the ethnic cleansing of Palestine is the original sin of Zionism and the root of the current problem. Pappe is part of a group called the New Historians or Revisionist Historians who have undermined the traditional narrative of the birth of the Jewish state.


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