The book of thel summary and analysis

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the book of thel summary and analysis

The Book of Thel by William Blake

The Book of Thel is a poem by William Blake , dated and probably composed in the period to It is illustrated by his own plates, and compared to his later prophetic books is relatively short and easier to understand. The metre is a fourteen-syllable line. It was preceded by Tiriel , which Blake left in manuscript. A few lines from Tiriel were incorporated into The Book of Thel. Most of the poem is in unrhymed verse. This book consists of eight plates executed in illuminated printing.
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The Book of Thel

She in paleness sought the secret air, To fade away like morning beauty from her mortal day. Thel is like a wat'ry bow, and like a parting cloud, Like a reflection in a glass, like shadows in the water, Like dreams of infants, like a smile upon an infant's face, Like the dove's voice, like transient day, like music in the air. But Thel is like a faint cloud kindled at the rising sun: I vanish from my pearly throne, and who shall find my place? Thel is like to thee: I pass away; yet I complain, and no one hears my voice. Our steeds drink of the golden springs Where Luvah doth renew his horses.

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    The Book of Thel is a poem by William Blake, dated and probably composed in the period . However, Thel is assailed by mysterious voices asking a whole series of yet more terrible questions about existence. Uttering a shriek, she flees.

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