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read james and the giant peach book

James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl book review

I loved this book as a kid because I loved Roald Dahl. I liked it as an adult too - I like the whimsy of it, but the story itself was a little anticlimactic. James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl is a sweet, fictitious tale of a boy and the adventure he takes to escape his abusive aunts. He is confined to the hellish hill Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker have Roald pronounced "Roo-aal" was born in Llandaff, South Wales. He had a relatively uneventful childhood and was educated at Repton School.
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James and the Giant Peach Part 2 Children's Audio book Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl's first and most widely celebrated book for young people continues to thrill readers around the world.

James and the Giant Peach

When poor James Henry Trotter loses his parents in a horrible rhinoceros accident, he is forced to live with his two wicked aunts, Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker. After three years he becomes "the saddest and loneliest boy you could find". Then one day, a wizened old man in a dark-green suit gives James a bag of magic crystals that promise to reverse his misery forever. When James accidentally spills the crystals on his aunts' withered peach tree, he sets the adventure in motion. From the old tree a single peach grows, and grows, and grows some more, until finally James climbs inside the giant fruit and rolls away from his despicable aunts to a whole new life….

I wanted to re-read this because I'm going to see the play soon, and also have James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl is a sweet, fictitious tale of a boy and.
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You currently have JavaScript disabled in your web browser, please enable JavaScript to view our website as intended. Here are the instructions of how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Publisher: Puffin. When his parents are unceremoniously eaten by a rhinoceros that escapes from London Zoo, James is forced to go and live with his unpleasant aunts. Through a series of peculiar and magical happenings, James finds himself in a giant peach with a bunch of friendly giant insects for travelling companions. Determined to find a better life, the insects bite the great peach free from its tree and launch into an amazing journey to freedom.

James and the Giant Peach is a popular children's novel written in by British author Roald Dahl. It was adapted into a film of the same name in The plot centres on a young English orphan boy who enters a gigantic, magical peach , and has a wild and surreal cross-world adventure with seven magically-altered garden bugs he meets. Roald Dahl was originally going to write about a giant cherry , but changed it to James and the Giant Peach because a peach is "prettier, bigger and squishier than a cherry. Because of the story's occasional macabre and potentially frightening content, it has become a regular target of censors. James Henry Trotter is a four-year-old boy who lives with his parents in a house by the sea.


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    Except in the United States of America, this book is sold subject to the .. Not far away, in the middle of the garden, he could see the giant peach Roald Dahl is the author of some of the finest and most widely read children's books ever.

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