Again and again signpost picture books

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again and again signpost picture books

Signposts | Using Notice and Notes for Literature and the Arts

One of the best ways to help students find the central message, or theme, of a text, is to use Notice and Note strategies for Literature and the Arts. When we notice these Signposts, we should stop and note them. While these signposts are designed for literary works , there are many that apply to the Arts. This is when a word, phrase, picture, or situation is repeated, making the reader wonder about its importance. In music, this is called a motif. Composers, artists, choreographers, and playwrights use this element when creating their music, art, dance, or plays. Helping students to see how this applies across disciplines can give them a better understanding, allowing them to comprehend more than just literary texts.
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The Importance of picture books

I started using it in my sixth grade English classes and saw levels of analysis I had never achieved when using traditional methods of close reading. Their concrete, user-friendly strategy made even the most difficult texts accessible to all. For the last two years, I have used a combination of the examples given in the book and short stories to teach each signpost before we applied them to whole class novels.

Great Picture Books to Use for Again & Again – Notice & Note

Okay, pln. I mean it! Going to Move by Judith Viorst — you can see the transformation come over this little guy as he comes to terms with moving. Duck as they figure things out about themselves and others. Flying frogs, anyone?

These task cards are absolutely perfect for introducing the signposts! Thank you! No, unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to read the nonfiction book yet. It's on my to-do list, though! Receive tips, freebies, and resource updates when you subscribe to my newsletter! Tuesday, November 1, A few months ago, a teacher wrote to me and asked me to consider creating Notice and Note task cards.

Last week, we began learning some reading strategies for digging deeper into our books. Like Beers and Probst, I feel it is important to teach students how to recognize them and stop and think about them. It helps students to dig deeper into the books they enjoy, stopping and jotting as they go. It will take another week, or more, to get through all the lessons and I will encourage students to find them when they read at home too. They each will be given a bookmark to remind them of what they are. This is what the bookmark looks like:.

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This book provides us with the foundation for having deeper reading conversations and a common language as we develop our thoughts. I have therefore looked for picture books I could use with the different strategies and will publish posts as I have them for the 6 different strategies since I cannot be the only one looking for ideas. Brick by Brick by Charles R. Smith Jr. Powerful read and powerful Again and Again moments.


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    It has truly been awesome finding picture books to go along with the strategies that can be used for many grade levels and through so many lenses.

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    Thoughts on Student Engagement, Motivation, and Learning

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    Great Picture Books to Use for Again & Again – Notice & Note – Blogging Through Notice and Note close reading strategy activity pack with signpost review.

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