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love greg and lauren book

Love, Greg & Lauren by Greg Manning

She was a hardworking business woman, had a loving husband and an infant son, and a confidence born of intelligence and beauty. When a wall of flame at the World Trade Center burned more than 80 percent of her body, Lauren Manning began a ten-year journey of survival and rebirth that tested her almost beyond human endurance. Long before that infamous September day, Manning learned the importance of perseverance, relentless hard work, and a deep faith in oneself. So when the horrific moment of her near-death arrived, she possessed the strength and resilience to insist that she would not yield—not to the terrorists, not to the long odds, not to the bottomless pain and exhaustion. But as the difficult months and years went by, she came to understand that she had to do more than survive.
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Love, Greg & Lauren

The husband of a senior vice president at Cantor Fitzgerald who was burned over more than eighty percent of her body on September 11, , recounts the first three months of her ordeal in a series of electronic mail messages. Greg Manning is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. He has worked as a reporter, an editor, and in senior marketing positions in the financial information industry since He lives in New York with his wife, Lauren, and their young son. As she stepped into the lobby, a fireball exploded from the elevator shaft, and in that split second her life was changed forever. Lauren was burned over Greg writes of the intricate surgerie.

You might think it was a byproduct of decades of playing tennis and golf. But her grip has been painfully relearned, and bolstered with more titanium pins than she cares to count. On a hot summer day, she wore flirtatiously high-heeled sandals, creased white trousers and a long-sleeved blue blouse, leaving only feet and hands exposed. So much of her skin is still stippled with scars. On Sept. Manning — newly married, the mother of a month-old boy, at the top of her profession on Wall Street — was met by a fireball as she strode into the lobby of the World Trade Center.

Lauren Manning is used to making split-second decisions under pressure. She barely paused when she heard an ear-splitting sound, chalking it up to construction. In reality, the piercing whistling was exploding jet fuel coming down the elevator from American Airlines Flight For an instant, the tower trembled, then fire exploded from the elevators, engulfing Lauren and scores of others on the south and west sides of the lobby. As the flames enveloped her, igniting her back and arms, Lauren fled, making it across the six lanes of West Street traffic to a grass embankment, where she dropped and rolled with the aid of two good Samaritans. She was first admitted to another hospital, one without specialized burn care. Seventeen other survivors were in the intensive care unit that night.

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One of the most severely injured survivors of the September 11, , terror attacks , [2] she spent over six months in the hospital during her initial recovery from Since the publication of her book, Manning's story has continued to receive widespread press coverage, and in President Barack Obama went so far as to cite Manning as a personification of American resilience. Simons, Georgia. On September 11, , Manning left her West Village home [10] and headed for the World Trade Center 's North Tower , where she was a senior executive at Cantor Fitzgerald [12] with an office on the th floor. Moments later, as she turned towards the elevators that would take her up to her office, a wall of fire from the jet fuel explosion blasted from the elevator shafts, enveloping Manning and setting her aflame.

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    Love, Greg & Lauren: A Powerful True Story of Courage, Hope, and Survival This book is that e-mail diary: detailed, intimate, inspiring messages that end.

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    Amazing Things: Lauren Manning - NewYork-Presbyterian

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