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movies and shows based on books

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Fun fact: Game of Thrones isn't the only good TV show based on a book streaming on the airwaves! Though more and more people are complaining about sequels and reboots and re-imaginings at the movies, it's the golden age of television , with awesome shows inspired by books everywhere you look. The small screen has the benefit of being much more long form, and therefore a great place to showcase something based on a book or series of books. With television adaptations of books you have the ability to learn love and live with characters for the long haul, just as with a novel or series of novels. Naturally as TV has been around for quite some time, there have been great book adaptations throughout the years. There have also been plenty of books adapted for TV in the form of the miniseries or TV movie, but that's another list and you won't find them here otherwise Band of Brothers would most certainly have made the cut. Instead we are just focusing on traditional TV programs that are based on or inspired by books.
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Top 10 TV Shows Based on Books

26 Books That Are Being Made Into Movies and TV Shows in 2018

Whether you're a bookworm or a film buff or both! To satisfy your literary needs, we've compiled a list of the newest and most-beloved movies that are available on Netflix in both the U. And remember, these movies are based on books, so even if you run out of things to watch, you'll have a whole new list of books to read. Get crackin'! Based on the novel of the same name by Stieg Larsson. It's the first in a trilogy—make some room on your bookshelf if you plan on reading this one after watching it.

Adaptations are a tricky business. What parts did they leave in, and what did they cut out? Are any of the characters significantly different from how they were written? And what does this interpretation bring that previous adaptations might have missed? So, here are the titles that should be filling your bookshelf through December. Happy reading!

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It feels like just yesterday we were all complaining about , and yet we're already nearing the end of And as this tumultuous year draws to a close, there's only one question on everyone's mind: when is the Wrinkle in Time movie coming out? Never fear, because is stacking up to be a huge year for book-to-movie adaptations and book-to-prestige-television-show adaptations. Here are just a few of the movies and TV shows based on books that we can expect to see in Back in the day, it was a little nerve-wracking to hear that your favorite book series was being turned into a big screen blockbuster, or stretched out into a TV show. You'd agonize over all the ways that Hollywood was about to crush your precious, literary dreams. But between Game of Thrones, The Handmaid's Tale, American Gods, the new movie of It, and dozens of others, it's looking like book adaptations these days have the potential to be pretty darn good.

The new year brings the usual spate of movies and TV shows adapted from books, offering a variety of thrills. The British anthology series inspired by Philip K. It will premiere in the U. Get the book. The second season of the FX anthology series turns to the world-famous Italian fashion designer and the serial killer who murdered him.


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