Mickey and me book report

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mickey and me book report

Mickey & Me: A Baseball Card Adventure | Kidsreads

Sign up for our newsletters! Firmly holding a baseball card in one hand, Joe Stoshack travels back in time. The problem is, he doesn't go back to the right time or the right place. Instead of going back to help Mickey Mantle avoid having a fall during a game in , Joe finds himself in Milwaukee in the summer of Worst of all, he is in the middle of a team made up of girls! Not being the kind of boy to get discouraged for long, Joe makes the best of an unfortunate situation.
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Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse read along aloud story book for children

Review. Mickey & Me: A Baseball Card Adventure. by Dan Gutman in the back, this wonderful book transports the reader to a different era.

Fascination With Mantle Now Blends Fiction With Fact

This site uses cookies and other tracking technologies to administer and improve your experience on our site, to help diagnose and troubleshoot potential server malfunctions, and to gather use and demographic information. See our cookie policy. Skip to Content. Get age-based picks. A father illegally changes his and his son's identities and moves in the effort to evade federal tax fraud charges. Adding to the financial bad judgment, he chooses to enroll his talented year-old son in Little League even though he's a year too old to qualify.

A joyful fringe benefit of baseball fandom is memories of games past. And reading this book took me back to my first major league games the summer of , as a young soldier stationed in Baltimore. One evening at the old Memorial Stadium in Baltimore, an Oriole pitcher served up a fast ball to the muscular Mr. The ball vanished over the left field wall and seemed destined to come to earth somewhere near the city limits of Bethesda. I exaggerate, of course, but such is the privilege of a fan who worships the national pastime. And anyone who loves the sport will find hours of undiluted joy in one of the best books on baseball — or any other sport — that I have encountered. Their intensive research is backed by brisk writing that lets this reader sense he was sitting in a prime third-base-line seat.

Joe tells Samantha, "Oh, come on girls can't play baseball" p. The protagonist in the book "Mickey and Me" was Joe. He was the protagonist because he wanted to go back in time to please his father. Joe's father ends up in a terrible car accident when a drunk driver hits the car head on not far from where his father worked in Louisville. Joe rushes to the hospital before his baseball game wondering what type of shape his father will be in. Even though Joe does think this is an odd thing to do he feels compelled to grant his father's wish. Joe is not sure if his father will ever recover from this horrific accident so he must go warn Mickey about the drain.


It was rejected by many publishers before HarperCollins finally accepted., More than 20 books about Mantle, by Mantle with the aid of hired writers , or by his widow, Merlyn, and their surviving sons, have been published since.

Sign up for our newsletters! I almost didn't hear the words. Or, if I heard them, I chose not to believe them. I said your father has been in a car accident. She used to call him "your dad. Before the phone rang, I had been rushing to put on my Little League uniform. Running late, I was trying to jam my legs into my pants with my spikes on.

Kaufman and David Gerstein discuss each and every one of the Mickey Mouse films, along with the ideas that were developed but which never made it into production. Iwerks sketched tirelessly, producing as many as drawings in one day. Walt himself was an avid movie buff, and admitted the influence of both Chaplin and Harold Lloyd on Mickey's personality. From on, first Columbia and then United Artists distributed the Mickey shorts, and Disney's strength, then as now, lay in the studio's exploitation of its artistic assets. King Features had joined with the studio to promote Mickey as a comic strip character penciled by the brilliant Floyd Gottfredson.


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