Santa maria novella potpourri ingredients

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santa maria novella potpourri ingredients

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I went directly to a Santa Maria Novella store determined to get a unique and new fragrance. I got paper stick samples of most of the cologne herbal group and at first I did not care for this one, it was too overpowering with cedar, pine and just stung my nose. After 20 min I came back to it and started to like it more, especially after the alcohol died down and sprayed some on my arm. In the … Read more. About reviewer 23 reviews. Cedar chips like a freshly cleaned hamster cage.
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Among Florence's churches, Santa Maria Novella is often overlooked: it lacks the grandeur of the Duomo and the poignancy of Santa Croce, where Michelangelo and Galileo are entombed. And while its Renaissance frescoes may rival those of San Marco, its location in a seedy neighborhood near the city's main train station keeps it off the radar of many visitors to the City of Lilies. But as home to one of the world's oldest pharmacies, Santa Maria Novella boasts an attraction no other church in Italy can match. Dominican monks began concocting herbal remedies here in the 13th century, in the time of Giotto and Dante. Today, the Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella still sells traditional elixirs, along with more contemporary skin-care products, oils and perfumes.

That kind of potpourri is meant to mask the air of a room, and its makers likely have little interest in the subtlety of scent. The kind I want to talk about is a bouquet of slightly shriveled organic material, left to stew in its musky oil over time before getting dished out in ceramic vessels around the house. Off-putting at first perhaps, but just think of other delicacies rendered delicious the same way: sauerkraut, alcohol, and fungi. In fact, the most potent, evocative ingredients in a fragrance often come from the world of decay. Take oud, also known as agarwood, for example. The dark and fragrant resin forms over mold found in an Aquilaria tree.

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Santa Maria Novella. SKU: Once you've been enveloped by the magic scent of Santa Maria Novella's pot pourri, you'll understand why generations of captivated followers flock to Florence to stock up. Scrupulously handmade using ancient methods, this incredibly long-lasting, beautifully fragrant potpourri is a full-bodied blend of herbs and flowers a secret formula , all grown without pesticides in the Florentine hills exclusively for Santa Maria Novella. Use a needle or safety pin to poke small holes in bag, or, for best results, remove from bag and place in small bowl. Fluff with fingers occasionally to release scent. Freshens closets, bathrooms, automobiles, boats.

Thanksgiving dinner has barely settled on our hips, and the Christmas decorations are out! I am spending this week decking the walls of the Waverly Inn with holly, mistletoe and fir garlands for the holidays. Nothing says December more evocatively than the smell of fir. For me, creating a comfortable room is not entirely about the visual; scent is a huge part of what makes a place feel like home. And while there are fragrances that I love to use year-round, there are others that I like to bring in with the change of season. I have not been without a bowl of Santa Maria Novella potpourri at home since I first came across it 10 years ago, just when potpourri was about the final word in bad taste!


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